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See look at you now - you wanted to divide yourself from the herd - come back....we wont make you suffer too much for your desertion :twisted:


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sensitive said:
Saharaworld, thank you for asking me. There is big difference between life here and Kuwait. Kuwait is a very wealthy country because it's a major oil producer while Yemen is a very poor country!! so you can guess why i don't like to stay here.
I havnt been to Kuwait for over a decade. I bet it's changed a lot. I do remember the Green Island and the the El-Boom ship restaurant.



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im from egypt too

hey egyptian man, i guess we are the same age, with the same problem, you might be my zawawi :) if u know what i mean !


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The picture you're using that's displayed below your nickname that appears next to your posts that you put in this forum.

okay i was trying to make that sound complicated... lol.

it's the picture of the brown bag on the mans head that im referring.
good luck finding it. :p


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hah! why should i pay for it? it's "my" picture to begin with.

i'd pay you $23.915 .. how bout that? :wink:

sounds good? get back to me and we can perhaps negotiate the price further if you'd like.


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hey, i just checked out your joinging date, and ur new here man :) ill try not to go rough on u :D

So how could i have took it from you if im older than you! :idea:


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haha, okay.

hey so how's your sa and how're u managing man ?
hope it's all going great. :D

hah! how do u suppose you go rough since all sa ppl are almost really sensitive...~ lol
unless you;re thinking of using some sand paper to attack me :p

then i'd probly run..


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I wonder if there's any people from the muslim world who have social phobia. i know I would if I had to go out in a goddamm burkha or face veil.