Other people's comments that floor you


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In a new job, I recently had a work appraisal.

I completed the form with my manager, who returned it to me with her comments about my performance.

Her comments didn't surprise me as she has vocalised how well she thinks I'm doing but to see it written and the words used such as: "driven" "hard working" "attention to detail"

I thought to myself if she knew how much I had doubted myself, my capabilities, my worries on the relationships with the team that had left me anxious.

I should believe what she says, surely if I wasn't doing a good job she's blunt and straightforward so she would have told me.

I think it's my SA brain saying maybe she's just saying it or eventually she will find me out or I will let her down but just need to read those comments and learn that it's possibly true and I need to use it as a springboard going forward

Has anyone else had positive comments (of course negative comments exist but want to keep this positive) that floored you?