Oral exams?


I have to take a french oral exam in two weeks and the thought literally makes me want to throw up. Does anybody have any tips/tricks? I'm really afraid I'm going to start crying/forget everything I've ever learnt/embarrass myself, the list is endless..


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It helped me to imagine how RELIEVED I would be afterwards!
Also, to trust my intuition and ask 'what am I going to be asked' and open the book at random. Often, I zoned into parts that I was asked later. I learnt everything, but not everything so in depth, this method helped.

Also, I heard/read that everything we lever hear/read/experience is remembered by our subconsciousness, you just need to recall it. So I asked my subconsciousness to give me the right answer, as silly as this may sound. That it would 'swim out' for me, and very often it did...

At one exam I also told the professor that I studied, 'It's on the tip of my tongue, can't remember it...' and he was sympathetic. It helped that I knew a lot about some other things.
Maybe you can even tell in advance that you're very nervous about it (or whatever you are comfortable saying) and hopefully they would be sympathetic with you?

You can always re-take an exam, the thought of this helped me too!

French is such a fascinating language! Maybe you can imagine how good it will be to talk to French people in France, go to a bakery and order some goods, dunno... It always helped me to imagine the culture, so your learning has a purpose... (not just exam by itself)

Good luck & fingers crossed!
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Memorization. I did 3 language GCSEs, 4 language A-levels and then carried on to study a joint honours language degree. For my oral exams I basically always tried to anticipate what questions I might be asked (if we hadn't been told already, which was actually most of the time) and then committed the answers to memory. Like, word for word. I always ended up doing quite well.

But I wouldn't worry too much about it. The oral part doesn't usually count for that much of the overall grade. I think they do it on purpose because they know that most people will be nervous.


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Alcohol can do no wrong. You absolutely must not back down. Accept that you have been born with an overreactive nervous system. I know I have. I have skipped many a presentation from fear and it is destroying my life. One beer is enough to give me the courage I need. Good luck.


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I tend to chew gum or bit my tongue,(probably shouldn't do that). Hope I helped and good luck!