Obscure 60's Psychedelia


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So I tried making an obscure 60's music thread awhile back but it became hijacked by other (well-meaning) individuals spamming their own favorites into it and I lost interest. However, a productive void spurned on by insomnia has reinvigorated my motivation to once again post. This may be a short-lived thread, but it beats watching YouTube poop for the umpteenth time.

My first post will be a personal favorite by a band called The Glass Family. They were a California group that released one album in 1968 called Electric Band. The song I'm posting is called "The Means" and is fairly representative of the album as a whole. A farfisa organ coils around a strong bass-and-drum beat slithering throughout the song in a deliciously appealing way. The dreamy lyrics, full of poetic imagery, really up the psychedelia a notch. Check it out:

The Means - YouTube