Need someone to talk too.


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There's times where I need someone to talk too. I've tried to put myself out there & I feel like it's gotten me nowhere. Is there someone out there that would like to talk to me? I hate to sound so desperate, but I'd just like to put myself out there and like to talk to people who's actually interested in wanting to become friends with me and have conversations. I have AIM and Skype and I can also exchange my e-mail to anyone who's interested.

I'm a very caring and laid back type of girl. :) Not the type of person that will judge others, I think everyone is equal. I enjoy reading and writing, love watching films, horror movies, anime and listening to music. Also enjoy arts and crafts, draw abstract art with pastels & play some video games in my spare time. If there's anything else you'd like to know just ask. :)
I would love to talk! I love talking and I'm a good listener. You can always PM me, i like deep conversations, not shallow. I like to make it special :)


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Me too! It's awesome you reached out, and no you don't sound desperate at all!!


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Hey, it's not desperate. Sometimes conversations with random people can yield great experiences. PM me if you like.


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Oooo Horror films, my favorite. Feel free to PM me or exchange Skypes if you'd like. I'm really awkward on Skype though so be warned. ^-^


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Horror movies are my favorite. In fact a lot of your interests are similar to mine I would love to chat with you :)