My small contribution to SPW!

I'm just wondering if in France if they'd come to this forum which is in English. Thanks for your thoughtfulness
Coming to think of it, there are more foreigners in my university than Frenchmen. Most of them come from Brasil, these guys love electronics!

Is that done with a permanent marker? :giggle:
Haha, my purpose is to bring more people, not to get expeled from that fine institution.
What are you studying? Years ago i studied full time for a couple years, electronics & computers. I loved it.
Oho, I am curious about what you studied about as well.

For myself, it's Integrated circuits.
How to program digital circuits with VHDL / Verilog.
How to design circuits (Voltage Controlled Oscillators, Amplifiers, Mixers, ADCs...etc) simulate them to check their performance, draw their layout using 0.35µm CMOS and lately 180nm technologies.
Also a lot of theory on Analog electronics (differential pairs, current mirrors, noise generated...) and RF components (power amplifiers, LNAs), some reliability, the trending topics are the Internet of Things and 5G.
We covered mainly digital electronics & programming in assembly language & HLL's. We built a microcomputer, and designed & built from-scratch (etched it, etc) a transducer circuit board to interface via I/O port (i built a temperature sensor). Did CAD. Studied 741 op-amp amplifiers. Boolean logic circuits. Oscillators. A bit of everything really.


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Congratulations! hope there are more wonderful spw'ers who come here but it looks still like this, not much lol.


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I was in the library yesterday revising analog electronics, and I noticed that the window of my room could be seen by many students from the residence.

So that's what I've done.

Consider this my humble contribution to bring more peeps to these forums.

amazing this made me LOL for real!