My life experience of viewing relationships


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Edit: Sorry guys, having a funny moment. I know it's not true. Just seen and heard things that day that got me thinking.
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It seems to me like a lot of people just settle. Ideally, they would be with different, more compatible partners, but they take what is available to them at the time. People don't want to stay single for too long (some folks treat being single like it's a friggin' disease, for real). There are also people who simply have low/no standards. I think many relationships don't work out in the end because of people moving too quickly from the beginning. At the end of the day, people just don't want to be alone. I guess my views on relationships would be considered old-fashioned. On another forum, someone told me dating is an outdated concept, and someone else agreed. It does seem like that is generally true nowadays, and I think it's sad. I believe in taking things slow, going on actual dates, and really getting to know people before you jump into things with them. Nothing wrong with holding out for the right one in my eyes. Nothing wrong with being single...nothing wrong with being okay with it either.
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Why is the blame always put on the women? Maybe men are mostly attracted to selfish, superfacial bitches.

I fell for one of the decent, nice guys. And I still didn't stand a chance.
To be honest I think you are wrong. I don't know what your surrounding looks like but around me it's not like that at all.

There is some bad guys going out with girls who are comfortable in the victim role, there is some bad girls going out with guys who are comfortable in the victim role. There is many regular people going out together.

People have good sides and bad sides, qualities and flaws, and they choose who they choose, according to who's available, in their league and meets their basic criteria.

Is it possible that you tend to idealize girls and see guys as bad guys out of jealousy?
I agree in part. But for the most part there is such a large variety of people in all different degrees of relationships.
Some are almost perfect relationships, some are good, some ok, all the way down to terrible.
Maybe it's what you choose to see that has helped form your opinion. But try not to judge others based on what you see from the outside.

If theres one thing I've learned about relationships it's this;

You never truly know what a relationship is like unless you live in that house with that person. No matter what anyone else tells you, this is the truth.


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I find relationships confusing and I've been in 3. All of them failed because we didn't take the time to get to know each other. I've been single for 4 years now and the girls I do choose now are long time friends but usually I am to scared to bring it up. Or I rethink it and think I can't do that to ruin our friendship. My life coach teaches me a lot and when we got on the topic of relationships he said "The best relationships always come from great friendships". I guess another reason I find it so hard to find a woman is because most girls I end up liking are in relationships. I don't do anything to sabotage them though.