My former friends are bad friends


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When I do make friendships it’s usually only one at a time, it’s about as much social strain I can handle.


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I know this guy who was like that. He is a proud druggie. He has
one set of freinds he drinks with and one set of freinds he smokes
narcs with. He told us about how he was almost shot in the head.
After talking with the guy, I 200% would love to see him get shot
in the head. He sounds and almost looks like my brother was almost
killed and ended up in hospital, after him and his so called "freinds"
decided to talk with random strangers.

Seriously if you want good people, then you need to be good.
That is all. Their are no such things as good people who are druggies
or people who are trying to be cool with everybody. There are enemies
on all sides. However it does matter who you talk with their are still idiots
on both sides. They drive me nuts, both wants to be hip and cool, and
both are dumb as tar.
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