My 3rd job in 3 years im leaving because of SP !!!


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Please tell me theres others out there like me. I feel that uncomforatble at my work socialising i have to quit because the embarsssment is that much. If it wasn't for my sp id still be at my first job. im determined to keep on going and find a job ill stick out


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Hey pea , i know what u mean , sometimes in the work (mine is not really a work im helping my uncle with his work...lets say i'm doing the dirty work and he just take the merit lol jk =P ) anyways happens sometimes embarassing moments inwhich u dont know what to say and the anxiety came , but anyways we are with u, lets try bit by bit to win this embarassment , then u have to ask to urself if u like the job u are doing if u like ur job then try bit by bit to get over this embarassment maybe making a table with the things that u can talk about , sometimes there are customers and u dont know what to say maybe u could follow some stantard questions trying to dont think in the embarassment , i know its not easy but remmeber that we are with u =) be strong


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i totally understand. usually when i have a job i get this sick, sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach, especially as i am entering the building. right now i am temping and i love my job because i have a cubicle that is near a bright window and i'm far away from everyone. the attributes of this job that make it less anxiety-inducing are totally circumstantial (LUCK). unfortunately it is only temporary and who knows what job will come next. don't give up hope, though, there are jobs out there that are less anxiety-inducing than others. but i understand how difficult it is to land them and exactly how you feel. keep fighting the good fight, pea.

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If you like the job, you may as well stay. You are simply reenforcing those feelings! There will never find that perfect job, because it is you that needs to change. I hope you don't give up, though I genuinely can understand how you feel having gone through the same scenario countless times. But what kind of person would I be were I to encourage your SP to destroy another opportunity in your life? Best of luck BitingthePea, I hope things work out for you and, more importantly, you'll feel differently sooner rather than later.



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I have to agree with the poster above me. While I do understand how difficult it is, I would recommend not quitting. Here is an opportunity to push yourself through these hard times. If you always avoid dealing with it, it's never going to get better.

Plus huge bonus to not quitting is you don't have to find another job and if you don't have to find another job, that means you don't have to go through another interview.


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I now have a stable job that I've been at for five years, but I can relate to how you feel. I walked out on my first job after three months without even telling anyone. I quit college halfway through the semester...twice. I think the best advice would be to stick with it and use this as an opportunity for self improvement. As the cliche goes, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
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Please tell me theres others out there like me. I feel that uncomforatble at my work socialising i have to quit because the embarsssment is that much. If it wasn't for my sp id still be at my first job. im determined to keep on going and find a job ill stick out
B]Hi, here's my experience

I just got my first job at 21 ::yikes!:: I've been there for almost 8months. I got the job by pretending to be confident. I find ppl like it when you smile alot and nod your head and pretend to be sweet; I am good at that. My job requires working with customers; saying hi, interacting on a daily basis[retail] At first I wanted to die!!! I was so nervous making eye contact and just saying hi. Then you get used to it [the feelings never go away though] I suck at smiling when I am stressed and my coworks/bosses notice and always give me sh3t about it! It's not like I;ve never heard it before, my family reminds me about it all the time. I basically suck it up and pretend, even though I HATE BEING FAKE LOL When it comes to my coworkers I didn't really interact with them unless I had to or until they spoke to me first ^_^ In the breakroom I would sit away from the table for lunch bcos I'd be scared about what they thought of me and I felt akward. I still do that with ppl I don't like at my job; like 3 bosses [I have 5] The main boss never introduce herself when I started [but got upset when she thought i didn't know her name] and doesn't get to know me [so i dont with her]
2nd boss is very parental/motherly and i don't like authority figures. [also she talked about my lack of basic social skills in front of me to someone else] 3rd boss was just a rhymes with witch lol. She'd bump into me [no doubt by accident] but would never say sorry [i do all the time] and would give dirty looks.

All through this BS I still try to look pleasant through the stress and the akward moments and the new ppl arriving and the customers BS and something strange happened. I would and do always walk home late at night because busses stop running and one of the bosses that I thought was rude offered to give me a ride home [i accepted] It seemed so out of her character to me. But before this I said to myself "i know this girls is a biznatch lol but I am just going to be nice to her and not pay attention to her nonsense. Her feelings towards me aren't gonna get in the way of how I feel or how I perform on the job bcos I know I do a great job


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If you can afford to quit,then why not,there's so many ****ty jobs in this world and most of them pay peanuts,while you have to deal with **** everyday from bosses and stress which you don't get payed say its your third job so it shows your well able to find work,so there's no point torturing yourself in one spot for years to come.And if you do quit make sure that you take up some courses or learn new things towards,what you want really to work,could be learning to build websites or maybe landscaping ;)
Now i wish soon enough i will be able to quit my stressful job and do something that makes me happy and worth of doing :) .


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Being able to stay a year in a job is not too bad really, I stayed at a job for 1 year, after which I changed jobs 5 times the following year before sticking at my current job for close to 5 months now.