mental disorders and healing


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Mental disorders and Healing Naturally

The only way to relieve any mental disorder is to observe the reality/truth of the pertaining situation. By facing fear, anxiety, phobia,depression,hypochondria,eye contact issue etc etc...if one is able to watch the thoughts, and the simultaneous body reaction/ sensations of uneasiness....the mind body phenomenon( some like to call it psychosomatic) can overcome it.

What is the way to watch this phenomenon? Good question.......Meditation?Mindfulness?Yoga? Reading? analyzing?psychotherapy etc etc ? Everything works.....but the best is Experiential wisdom....reading and psychotherapy helps but it is someone else's knowledge. Its like one can read all about riding a car, only when we ride do we know how to drive. So too with thoughts and sensations....when we observe them directly with meditation, mindfulness or in some cases while doing yoga and exercise we know how to face it...or how to drive the vehicle.

How do i know this...from experience, yes. ....still not 100% free of eye contact issue, social anxiety, depression, alcoholism, medication, general anxiety issues, schizophrenic tendencies, bipolar,ocd etc ....but i can clearly see a way out.No doubt about it. May you all get this be happy be happy be happy. There is this one person on ted who is extremely shy but coping well talking about vipassana......

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Google Vipassana on meditation/mindfulness...worked best for me....if i sometimes can't meditate i do yoga, yoga is difficult at times, then ii try to work( simple tasks like cleaning etc), no work i exercise or walk or run, no exercise i read good books, no books i spend time with nature, no nature i watch tv or eat, no sensual entertainment helping then i take medication(homeopathy,Ayurveda, organic n then retort to clonazepam n other anxiety related medications),

no medication works then i drink...drinking will lead to short term relief n long term escapism, addictions, accidents, crimes,immoral activities, sever mental disorders that we cannot even fathom right now n other tendencies. modern alopathy medication is also escapism but better than alcohol or drugs as it suppresses the anxiety or other mental disorder symptoms, they will arise again. When the pain is too much i take clonazep .25 mg if i think its absolutely necessary...sos.

chose ur path.....meditation or medication, exercise or alcohol, reading good books n company of good people,serene places or porn addiction,binge tv, binge eating etc etc. Its in our hands folks....may we all come out of this misery. Suffering is not too bad...not joking, we can learn from it ....more so than from the so called happy folks who run around unaware of whats happening and later regret it.
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We can try Slowly, one step at a time...and of course with help from meditation. Facing it without meditation / mindfulness is futile as we will multiply our fears. Watching breath while facing fear can cut out the roots of fear....and watching sensations ( unpleasant feelings)which are nothing but our mental projections can totally eliminate fear. This will help us in not rolling in our old habit patterns of rolling in thoughts.

This meditation technique vipassana teaches to observe mind by observing breath n sensation, we practice this at retreat first in a relaxed atmosphere, and then we can slowly gradually watch breath n sensations in difficult situations in outside world as well...You are right facing fears without observation is futile...not just for few but to everyone i think.

Received this mail from my homeopathy/psychology through arts n other techniques doctor :

Yes, Vipassana is invaluable in achieving and maintaining mental health. As you have rightly pointed out, there are other modalities that complement and help building the kind of Self-Awareness that Vipassana talks about.

As it helps to have a Vipassana teacher for guidance in its practice, there are other helpers/professionals that can help in using other methods to heal gently, and in relatively shorter time. It will be good to include them in your healing process. They will help build the necessary skills that will allow better stability / less fluctuation in the moods and thoughts. That way you will be able to take full advantage of the process of Vipassana and grow further.

You need not do this all alone, by yourself...
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