Librium and Alcohol

Hi . Basically im wondering if its safe to consume alcohol 2 days after stopping a course of librium 5mg . Chlordiazepoxide tablets.

I was put on them just over 3 weeks ago . I have read they stay in your bloodstream for 30 days . I was on 3 3x a day for 1st week then 2 3x a day week 2 . Then final week 1 3x a day and have finished them 2 days ago.

Ive been invited out for a few drinks tonight and was wondering if drinking would be ok ? I have read that the interaction can be fatal thus why i am asking this question ....

Thanks i advance .
I'm not sure how alcohol would affect you if you have stopped taking the medication for a few days. It might be OKAY, but it's better to be safe, so avoiding it for now is the smartest option. Benzos and alcohol are not the best combination, it multiplies the potency of the alcohol, and is a good combination if you want to experience memory loss of what transpired the night you took them. It's probably safer for you to just wait a little longer.