Kava Kava for social anxiety and depression


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Kava Kava is a plant native to the South Pacific which, when prepared as a tea, has a similar effect to alcohol and nicotine, but without the danger of addiction. You can buy it in a powder, an extract, or in pill form, but I suggest the extract just because I like the taste of it and it's easy to prepare. The taste is pretty strange though, so if you don't like it you can go with the pill form.

To be a little more specific about the effect, it kicks in very quickly and comes on as a mild intoxication and light euphoria. This effect lasts about a half hour to an hour and gradually fades into a tiredness and sense of well being. Overall, it makes you more talkative and social, less anxious, and generally happy. It is a lot like having a couple beers and smoking a cigarette, but without all the health risks.

One thing to note is that when buying it, make sure the stuff you're getting is derived from the root of the plant ONLY. Some companies will use the bark as well to cut costs, but the bark has been linked to liver diseases. The root on the other hand, is completely harmless and has been used by natives of the South Pacific for hundreds of years.
I've heard the people get a better effect with a fresher product too. I've only ever tried the extract though, and never felt much effect...



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I took it for a while. It's actually referred to by many as the "Anti-Shyness Plant".

In my experiences, prescription drugs are stronger after longer periods of use, but Kava can get you to a good level of relaxation short-term. Also, the effects are much shorter lived that most things your psychiatrist would give you.

That being said, I'm always one to go to natural medicines, and use pharmaseuticals only as a last resort. I personally love Kava, and am going to start again really soon.


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Sounds interesting. I found this for the UK:

KAVA KAVA 250mg 60 Capsules by BIOVEA®

It says this one's extracted from the root under the ingredients tab, but it also says "Excessive use may cause liver damage" so that worries me a little... I wish it clarified how much use is "excessive"!
A shit-ton every day for a long time. Pretty similar to alchohol's effects on the liver according to what I've read.


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All that about liver damage is a load. The traditional preparation of Kava makes use of the roots of the plant ONLY. When supplement companies first came across Kava, they decided to cut corners and use the bark of the plant as well, which does in fact have Kavalactones, but also has plenty of other, liver damaging ingredients. I'm pretty sure all the companies have stopped using bark, but just to be safe, make sure you're only getting the root when buying Kava.


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Kava kava has been used as a ceremonial beverage in the Pacific Islands for thousands of years. It is believed to have originated in Melanesia, and been drunk for hundreds of years by native islanders.Among the different medications used are anti depressants and anti anxiety medications. However kava is a natural plant and some people claim to have achieved great results in reducing anxiety and being more relax.
For example one testimonial of a person that try it says that he feels more sociability, empathy, euphoria and tranquility and then he sleeps very well at night. Those benefits seem to be great for a person that suffers from social anxiety or some kind of stress.
my mom is Micronesian, and she says they use it as almost another way to get drunk, so I never really thought about it. I guess I should give it a go. too bad I can't go to the islands and do it the hardcore way!


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I did kava when i was on a holiday in vanuatu
They maid it fresh from the root in front of us
was awsome
had 2 much and got major head spins
was 16 at the time and it felt like mixing alcohol and weed
I have had a posotive experience with kava. It eases my axiety and puts me at ease much like trazadone if anyone has ever tried that. The liquid extracts are inefffective, the best medicinal grade is the root extract capsules with 15-20% kavalactones. I prefer the 425 mg capsules to the 250mg. i take two in the morning and then as needed for anxiety. Really takes the edge off.


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i tried it as well and it did absolutely nothing for me. i also tried valerian and melatonin and they didn't do s**t for me either.


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Yeah I take Kava. Problems are that I have it in powder form. It's SO HARD to suck that horrible taste back! Even once a week proves too often of a taste for me. And the numb mouth that comes with it... not fun.
I take it when i'm desperate. I also take it when I just feel like loosening up somewhere once in awhile. Another downside is that it only lasts for around 30 minutes to an hour.. I get nausea and dizzyness/heavyness when I take too much as well. Although i'm for herbal remedies, so despite these all it's a thumbs up for me. Just try to avoid the powder form!