Just exercise


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There isn't a 100% cure for blushing,and there will hardly be soon,without any side effects.
But exercise can reduce blushing up to 80-90% of situations,because depending on the life style these days more than 12-15 hours is spent lying sitting,and if you smoke,dont have enough sleep,use a lot of sugar then you have a perfect blushing mix,because in such situations every day body is stressed from the lifestyle we live and it cant cope with even slightest release of the adrenaline.So my advise is quit all the bad habits,buy some weights,join a gym,buy a bike,start running,and make yourself sweating.And give it at least to weeks before increasing the workload on the body,and i promise you that you will feel the difference,even if the blushing wont go away you will ba able co cope with it without a panic.This is the only 90% cure guaranteed so far.If it seems to easy and your looking for a magical vitamin mix or a healing tape then keep looking.


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Exercise and adequate sleep really help. I'm currently working the night shift and it's really hard to get the adequate sleep I need. I can't wait to start working during the day again.
Yeh i do weight training for 30-60 mins every afternoon and cycle most days, their are so many benifits mentally and physically including the muscles ive bult up which do get attention from girls, i am a cronic blusher though and have been for many years, im a lot better than wot i was like a couple of years back and im getting better all the time, i think exercise has played a big part in it. :)


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ok,i exercised regularly over 6months now,and telling the truth besides feeling well,and extra stamina it doesnt make blushing go away or easier,and what i noticed on myself when working out,you turn red a bit and hot,but it never stays or looks bad.But if i encounter a stressful situation,just in few seconds a heat rash sensation develops,and if i dont leave that situation straight away i feel how my face turns blotchy and red streaks develop around chin and forehead,and its really debilitating,when out of nowhere your look and mind just goes into panic mode,and you cant escape it :( .Sorry for my rant but had to get it of my chest :)


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update :)
I noticed that my flushing is due more to the state of my mind,on some days it takes an awkward situation or just a feeling of hotness coming up,and straight away this would cause a trigger in my mind which would lead me to full blown face flushing :mad: and the worst thing is its really hard to take the mind of these thoughts,because in most cases i would still pretend that nothing is happening and carry on,but at the same time my mind would still be on me blushing in front of others.Although i can say that in time it gets a bit easier,because there are more and more situations which i could handle every day without any worrying and in natural way.Its sorta living life the hard way :cool:


i would do anything to get rid of the redness
even if its just 10% i'd still try it
and this one sounds reasonable, so thanks ; D