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Has anybody here ever received a summons for jury duty and actually went?
I got one a few days ago for the 7th of next month and I'm freaking out about it.
I actually wrote them in an attempt to be excused because of my problems with SA and depression but I was told that unless I can get a doctors note, I'll have to go.

I'm curious to hear how others have dealt with this.
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I haven't been summoned but I dread it!

I mean I try to look for things that count as exposure therapy. But given how important it is in that environment to not screw up, I think there's just too much pressure...

Do you think you could get a doctor's note?


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I have been three times. First time I went right through the selection process, including a ballot to select the 12 from the 100 or so jurers on the panel. My name was not pulled out for which I was thankful. Last two times I wrote an excuse, which was accepted.


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I've been called a few times. Twice I went through the selection process for a Grand Jury and wasn't picked twice. Very nerve-wracking experience but I'm proud of myself I went through with it.

Last time I got a note from my psychiatrist. It's very difficult in US to get out of jury duty unless you have a doctor's note or a very good excuse.


Hey, I was required for Jury Duty but only went as far as one day because the person pleaded guilty. Got paid though so I was happy. Don't be worried as they have someone who will walk you through the whole thing. :)