"it's not what happens to you, it's how you perceive it" and


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"it's not the mistakes you've made, it's how you perceive it, and sometimes it's not even as bad you thought".

Let's discuss. If I were to go around thinking it's what happens to you that makes you miserable, I'll be a victim but if I were to add, "things like that happen" or "it's just that society puts pressure on it" then you're a survivor. Does anyone have any thoughts or need help with this quote? this is not only about social anxiety I'm talking about but life circumstances

Also if I were to go around thinking and feeling guilty about the mistakes I've made which everyone is bound to make then I'll be a victim but if I turn it around and forgive myself or even say sometimes it's not even as bad as I thought, if it wasn't, then you're a survivor! Always! Don't forget that!

Don't have that victim mentality, have a survivor mentality!! Then NO ONE can bug you!
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There is truth to this saying, the impact of one's mistakes is relative to how they'd be perceived and how trivialising you'd be of them.

Suppose I am a musician performing in front of a huge crowd, me playing a couple of wrong notes would make me assume the audience's thinking I'm a failure, whereas in fact most of them wouldn't even notice my mistake.

If you make a mistake and no attention is brought upon it, others would be none the wiser.

As you said, things happen and one has to be lenient with oneself. If the mistakes being made are minor, people would feel like jerks to call you out on them because of social etiquette.
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I agree. I get swallowed by a victim mentality often. I kinda indulge in it for a while. If im really depressed, its because ive really been thinking woe me over and over and its become of me.

But i love the quote - its not what happens to me , its how i perceive it. Because that is so true.