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Hello there, I want to purchase a Iontophoresis Idromed 5 GS machine and i am from Malaysia.
What i want to ask is , is this website credible and can be trusted? Anyone ordered from them before?Any problems?
Please reply as soon as possible.
Thank you in advance.
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I've never seen that site before, thanks for bringing it to my attention. Having never ordered from them I can't really advise you but I've noticed that you can pay via paypal and with paypal you're protected up to £500 so it would be less of a risk. If you do order from there let us know how the service is so that others can know. I'm curious as to where others have bought theirs from


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batuska, is that the Idromed as discussed in this review?

My Results Treating Hyperhidrosis With Idromed

How much was it in USD?

I've never done ionto treatment before but really want to try it. Just not sure if I should shell out $500+ USD for the very first machine or if I should start with something cheaper like Drionic for $139. But I've read that Drionic isn't very good so I also don't want to just waste the money on that and then need the better machine later.

Thanks. And how is it working out for you?


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Yes, that's the machine. I don't know how much I paid in US$ because I paid Euros for it. I used to have the drionic before this machine for many years. You can get the drionic and see if it works, and if does so will the idromed; only thing is drionic does not have a very good design so it leave the base of your fingers untreated, and also so much more pain than the idromed. It's up to your financial situation basically. For me, the upgrade is well worth the price. Man I sound like a commercial.:)


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The Drionic can be modified in such a way that one can use trays instead of the actual Drionic basin so to speak. It's a matter or rewiring the leads to make the external and redoing the battery leads to accept rechargeable 9 volt batteries. I started out with the Drionic (used on ebay) and migrated over to the Fischer Md1-a. I figured if and when my Fischer goes bad, I'll modify the Drionic.


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I'm not sure I'm up for modifying these machines. I could probably follow instructions online, but I don't have a lot of free time so I probably prefer to just get the best machine.

Sprawling -- how is the Fischer md1-a working out for you?

Years ago it seemed there was no way of curing HH, now I'm having to compare multiple ionto machines to try to decide which is best, lol.


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I got a used Fischer md1a used from Ebay 5 years ago. Treatments worked like a charm till I temporarily moved and the new tap water source stopped working. I personally do not believe it's about the machine. Once I started using RAINWATER and adding that to the tap, my treatments started working again, except better. WAy, way, way drier are my hands, even my feet are doing better.

The Fischer machine does what it is supposed to do... dry my hands and feet. And FYI, Fischer MD1a does not use aluminum sheets, grids, just metal washers. Then again I motified my trays so I can get my entire hand(s) and the top of my feet treated and that's using a little less than 1 gallon of water.

All the machines (except Drionic, unless modified) will probably work just fine for you. I used an unmodified Drionic for a couple of months. It works, yet very uneven and painful.