I just had ETS

Just another quick update. Been almost four years since I had the procedure. Life continues to be great. There’s compensatory sweating from my back, but that is very minor in the scheme of things. I almost always wear an undershirt with anything that I wear. I have experienced no other real adverse effects. I remembered loathing ionto because I would be busy or well, because, who really wants to stick your hands in a pan of water connected to a battery? I was scared like many are before I had the surgery. But like I have said in other posts, I had the procedure done at a large, well known hospital in Northern California by a Harvard trained physician. Do your due diligence before selectecting a doctor. I skipped one physician in TX who offered a procedure for this because he was willing to schedule me based off a phone consultation only. That bothered me. Anyways, all is well here. Good luck to everyone.