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I am in the same boat as 0hs0luckyyx3... except it HAS taken over my life! But it is such an obsession for me that it's constantly on my mind for everything I do as well!!! And I'm like abeautifulmind as well because my ears get like that too... it's weird it seems like it happens more with stress. But I have been looking into natural remedies also... I am now taking Calcium and Magnesium with Zinc (vitamin d is included also in the pills) because this "formula" is supposed to help relax you...I have been feeling overall better since being on them, but I still have anxiety.


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Hello everyone. It's been quite a while since anyone has written, so I just wanted to update everyone with how I am. This year I've gotten a lot better with my flushing, instead of avoiding situations I feel threatened in, I now deal with those situations and learn how to stay calm in them. Almost a month ago I went to a hypnotist, and shes helped me realize that it is NOT a problem with the face, but a problem with the mind. This obsessive thought is the problem and what needs to be done is to change your attitude on blushing, because blushing is not a big deal! It happens to everyone at some point, and if you do blush you have to just laugh about it and not view it as some horrible thing. If you feel a blush coming on, just take a good deep breath, not a nervous one, but one including the thought of "I am fine and confident." I've discontinued all face wash and creams for rosacea, because I do not have rosacea and the only time my face is ever red is when I'm blushing. I think all of the face washes I've ever used just gave me a temporary placebo affect. But I have added a pill to my daily routine; Panicyl. I'm going to continue using Panicyl, just to give me some more confidence and give me a feeling of calmness throughout my day. Also, I've realized that my mind has been allowed to dwell on this thought of blushing and become obsessed with it, because I lacked an interesting life! I didn't have a boyfriend when this whole obsession began, I had friends but nothing too interesting was going on in my life. Instead of hiding from life, I have to go out there and actually get a life! I suggest for everyone to seek some form of mental help, whether it's a hypnotist or a therapist. You can't let it dwell inside of you because that will get you NOWHERE. You must reach out for professional help, they are there to help you, not embarrass or judge you. Don't let any more of your life go to waste with this!

Everyone please let me know how your all doing.
" Histamine levels can be decreased and symptoms relieved by daily doses of methionine, which is an amino acid that significantly detoxifies histamine. A typical adult dose is a 500 mg capsule taken four times daily. Calcium, which can be used daily morning and evening, can release additional histamine stores and lower levels in the body. When combined with magnesium, it will act as a natural tranquilizer to help prevent the insomnia that often comes with high levels of histamine. "
Don't Give Up If Your Symptoms Got Worsen After A While Using L-Methionine And Calcium .

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hi i seee this thread hasnt been active in a while.a breief summary about my selef first is below,

I have constant red cheeks and flush easily. I also have sweaty palms and feet and sweat easily. My condition (red cheeks and sweating become worse on exposure to hot/cold/alcohol/exercise). even light exercise worsens my condition. When i flush easily my head becomes hot instantly and my sweating can increase. I am a extremely shy person who fears daily chores ie. being in a crowd, meeting people, getting on trains because of flushing. I feel best when alone or sleeping and my condition appears to become worse as the day goes on.I am a extremely shy person who blushes easily when around others. This condition came on around adolence and has got worse since.im now 24 years old.
i first started out blushing but then the redness came permanent and the flushing has become worse from there on. My diet also changed around this time and i started to eat ready meals and fatty foods more frequently. Before 11-12 I wasnt shy and my face was pale,didnt fear daily chores.

I have had 4 IPL treaments and 3PDL (pulse dye laser) treatments but to no success.i was told by the laser doctor that i hadnt got rosacea but erythrophobia which is a fear of blushing.my skin on my face is smooth with no bumps.
I have tried homeopathy, hypnonis, accupuncture but to no help.i am currenttly on ditropan for sweating and that has reduced the sweating by about 60% but my flushing has got worse.however i havnt been able to discover a remedy for the constant redness on cheeks and blushing.i am currently taking 5htp for about 1 week but dont really feel a difference.i have taken paxil (anti depressant), clozapan (benzo).clonidine, propanolol but to no success.L tyrosine had no effect on my physical symptoms but did lift my mood so i take 1 gram of that daily.

What got me thinking about high histimine leves relating to my condition is because my symptopms came on around adolence when i started eating more processed foods, pizza,crisps and gradually got worse through my teens.now after i drink alcohol my face becomes hot, i get a red rash on my neck and upper arms and chest.this red rash is very warm and blotchy.

I have had the endocologist test for pheos (adrelain tumours) and carcinoid syndrome.he tested my thyroids and said my adrelain levels were normal and my thyroids were normal.he made me do 24hr urine tests for the adrealin.my question is how do u test for histimine levels and would the have shown up on the tests for the abouve conditions or would u need to perform more tests for histimine.i believe histimeine and adrealin are two completly different things right?did anyone actually go on a anti histimine diet also?



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Hi John, it's always nice to meet a fellow erythrophobe. (don't you love that word?) The way you describe it is the same for me. Except I bet mine is worse than yours, hehe.

Mine started when I was 16 and I still have it now (I'm 34). I don't expect it to ever go away on its own. It's not diet related. It's just a wiring problem (something in the nervous system). It can only be cured with surgery (cutting the nerve). But I've read anecdotes from people who have had the surgery and it seems to have a lot of risks. You could always look into it, if you want.

Don't bother with pills, they won't work. Besides, even if they do work, you can't take that stuff all your life. It's bad for you. And when you stop taking it, your erythema will come back with a vengeance, along with a host of other problems. Don't take pills.

My advice: adjust your lifestyle and adapt to it. I have some other advice, if you don't mind me sending you a PM.


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same here i dont have rosacea or some kind of other disease,but every time i get into situation where i would feel trapped or surprised,anxious ,straight away i get blotches on my face until i turn near purple red,sorta like someone having a heart attack or worse i would look,and the good thing is it last for hour or so to pass.And only freakin way to live with it is to find a job and adjust life where it would be possible to avoid most of the surprise triggers,but its not easy to do that.

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same here i dont have rosacea or some kind of other disease,but every time i get into situation where i would feel trapped or surprised,anxious ,straight away i get blotches on my face until i turn near purple red,sorta like someone having a heart attack or worse i would look,and the good thing is it last for hour or so to pass.And only freakin way to live with it is to find a job and adjust life where it would be possible to avoid most of the surprise triggers,but its not easy to do that.
Yeah same here. It's not the same as blushing, it's called erythema and I think it's quite rare. I've seen a few doctors and none of them knew what it was. I only found out recently (from internet searching) that it's an actual nervous disorder.

For me the triggers are similar to yours; feeling trapped, claustrophobic, being looked at too closely, being put on the spot, any sudden onset of stress or self-consciousness, face-to-face conversations, having to sit still for too long, being in a closed room with other people, eating in a public place, places that are hot and stuffy with fluorescent lights etc. Any job that takes place in an office environment is impossible for me, and so is anything indoors unless it's a fairly large, open space. I worked in a building supply warehouse once, and that wasn't too bad. Most of the time I was ok. But I still had my episodes, and I still had to go hide in the washroom when it happened, for about an hour or so. Eventually the boss noticed these absences and I got fired. Understandably.

Basically I have to work alone, or outdoors, or with people that I know very well, like family. Depending on your triggers your constraints may be different from mine, but the point is, you have to identify what kind of work you can do, and what you can't do. There's no point in taking on a job that will trigger your erythema on a regular basis. You won't be able to sustain it.


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even more if you google for overactive sympathetic nervous system you gonna get same description about symptoms of blotchy skin,blushing in stressful situations and all the situation that arouse from overactive nerves,the bad thing is there isnt a 100% cure for it and person has to live with it all the life :cool: or aether lern some coping techniques,or meds to calm bp or brains.
Seriously, what happened to guys who tried methionine treatment ? i've tried anthistamine called kestine and it didnt make any difference. I know that it is not the same thing with trying to lower histamine level by taking l-methionine but it is not sold in my country !! Anyone who still trying methionine?
Ive tried accepting the fact that I blush.....that works well for me.
i've tried that also but it worked a little for sometime but than i realized that i'm not a type of guy to accept myself as a blusher, couz i know that it is not my goddamn fault and it is mostly physical. But if you can do it, and if it is MOSTLY psychological, you may beat that bitch.

yeh i took it for about two months, didnt do anything for me ::(:
i had Ets surgery, i was a blusher + flusher , flushing gone %60 and blushing %40 comparing to my before surgery situation. In winter , blushing gets worse as you all know, and the remaining %60 of blushing still disturbs me. i had dideral in my history which helped me a lot, but i dont wanna use it anymore. i'll try methionine calcium magnesium and b6 combination and i'll write the results here.
You may be curious why magnesium ? if you have anxiety in society, it helps you calm down naturally.

And i believe that blushing and flushing that we have have been caused by not just one factor but several.
Here i give you a post from a doctor's website who is a ETS surgeon ;

it can be caused by

1-Digestive system disorders,

2-Digesitve system disorders +sympathetic nerve overactiveness,

3-just sympathetic nerve overactiveness,

4-Just dermatological reasons (like rosacea)

5-or all of them together.

lets say that we suffer from all of them together, than we have to beat it from all aspects.