How to deal with isolation at work?


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I've had a day at work where I would have been better off invisible.

There's a group of people who are all very friendly with each other, excessively loud, and managers who add to that environment rather than have a balanced approach between work and levity.

They barely will make conversation unless I do, and of course I sit in a separate office nearby, but I'm not a superior figure they need to keep a distance for. They can say hi, as my colleague failed to do when delivering a document to me this morning. I mean, that's just basic politeness.

I feel isolated and I've got into this mindset fully belligerent to then and frankly, couldn't care what they think about me. If they can't engage, then I will refuse to do so with them. They hold a grievance that I'm very close friends with another member of staff, who shock horror, doesn't want to be part of their jovial friendship group and also because they are aware - I strongly understand - of my management of a colleague that didn't go well.

If I could work at home all the time, I would.

They just have no clue how they are making me feel, and talk publicly about mental health in the workplace whilst showing such a disregard on how their behaviour is affecting a quieter, reserved member of the team.

Am I dealing with this the right way? Because I don't know any other way.


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I felt isolated at my work, to the point it was affecting my health. Two years ago, after starting medication an worked on exposure therapy introducing myself to work situations that I avoided like the plague previously. First team meetings, morning teas, farewell lunches, christmas parties, Christmas drinks, work love ins. Each time I confronted a situation, the next time I confronted it the anxiety is less. I even played my guitar in front of work colleagues. I did a comedy skit at a work presentation and people laughed at clapped at the end.

Fortunately there has been an influx of new staff who I get along with well. I have changed the way I interact, and I even get along better with those I have had problems in the past (Takes a lot of letting go.)

I get less tiffed if someone doesn't say hello, it doesn't get under my skin. Perhaps they are having a bad day. A couple of years ago I'd stew over some perceived negative behavior for weeks.