How is the weather in your area? Holidays?


This is my second winter in Vancouver and the weather is quite mild compared to Toronto. I've only seen 3 days of snow at most last year, the current weather is 10c mostly sunny. I miss building snowmen.

I'm also busy working this holiday, I want to save up for a nice keyboard for next year maybe even get myself a set of headphones with what's leftover. :bigsmile:

What are your plans for the holidays?


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I see your also from Canada. I am from PEI and last year we got over 460+ cm of snow. This year we didn't get so much yet just a lot of rain. Although we did recently get a ice storm which brought down power lines and the season is still new. So that means still a lot of snow to come.


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Its unusually warm right now. I went out with a jacket on and had to take it off and carry it because I got too hot.