Help, panicking about date and appearance


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Question: Why does the word panicking have a K in it only when there is an ING?

Better question: Can somebody PLEASE give me some words of comfort. I'm kind of freaking out.

I have this date with a person I met online in a day or two. We've been talking for awhile, a few months. The reason I'm panicking might be stupid or realistic, I don't know. I've gained weight since posting the pictures on my profile and that in my universe is like dropping a rock on a pretty picture that used to have potential. I'm not severely overweight, but I noticeably have 20 lbs on me and I feel like it sticks out. I'm so concerned that her first thought will friendzone me, when it comes rolling out. "Oh, her pictures look nothing like her". We have a good friendship going as far as I can see and I just am so stressed that it will all be ruined over something so stupid and that I personally don't give a crap about if it were the other person, but I just don't trust that people feel as empathetic as I do in that area... It doesn't help that she's super athletic.

Originally I was exercising and eating well but the last 2 days I was so stressed about the whole severe dieting thing that I just splurged, ate something like 4000 calories 2 days in a row, and now I'm freaking out and can't tell if i'm freaking out for nothing? Or if this is really a determining factor in a person's first impression? I know that if I were to feel good about myself and be all like "I am skinnier than I was a few weeks ago" in my head, I'd be so confident, but the last few days seemingly has ruined my confidence and I feel like a loser again, WHATTT.

Just gimme something, anything, that will be make me feel less stressed about this. It so does not help to be so socially isolated and trying to get out there in the dating game.. I just don't feel ready until I lose weight! Urrr!


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Well if you guys have been talking for month, I would assume there's some chemistry going on. Just go on the date with him and let your personality shine; plus, I bet you're fine. You're probably thinking too deeply into it. I'm like that myself. After eating a large meal, you SWEAR you can see it in the mirror.

Personally, I think it's usually the guys that are nervous wrecks. Just be yourself :]
...that I personally don't give a crap about if it were the other person...
I honestly believe that this is what almost everybody thinks, we are way more judgmental about ourselves than others.

You are a beautiful person, an attractive young woman; your date is a lucky girl!
I never really noticed that about panic and panicking before! Maybe the k is there because it's like "I'm f*!King panicKing!!!" hehe :p

I wouldn't stress if I was you, people tend to look bigger in photos anyhow. Plus if this girl doesn't like you just because you've gained a few pounds, she probably ain't no good anyhow :)