have u ever addicted to anything?


me, world of warcraft ,for like 3-4months ,play for more than 10 hours a day ,that was 1 year ago. before that i was shy ,after that ,i became a social phobic :(


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SilentType said:
I've been ad dicted to clonazepam for a while now, thanks to the good ol' doc. Been addicted to video games my whole life lol.

i use cloonie zepam too. is there a similiar but more effective med around? i m not addicted to it, but there is a time when it is easier to me to take it , it brings a relief to the stress.
I'm to the point where I'm tryin to wein off. At first, like a dumbass I tried to stop from 4 mgs per day for 2 years cold turkey and experienced withdrawals. I had some shakes, random muscle spasms and I was a total bastard to anyone for a good 2 weeks lol... Its crazy shit...

Drink... still are. Ecstasy and cocaine a while back but iv kicked that. And i drop into gambling now and again but im totally shit so it never lasts too long.
I've never been dependent on other things... but addictions.
Diablo II (old school lol)
star craft - LOTR maps (again..old school)
Counter Strike..
Day dreaming..
Taco Bell..
WOW - at a few particuarly disturbing points in my life - 18 hours a day. I didn't even notice the time pass by while I played :( (and I still can't believe I wasn't the worst... I've spoken to some online which play the whole 24 hour day)

Oh and chocolate... can't eat enough of it but I'm trying to stop.


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Hehe yep definitely addicted to wow, although have pretty much quit now my sub runs out on the 4th and not intending to re-sub. Ruined my A levels and it was worth it!.......luckily im bored of it now ;)


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I was addicted to loosing weight when i was in school, i had annorexia.

Now i'm addicted to driving my car, eating chocolate and the internet :roll: