Hair cuts!

Does anyone else hate getting them as much as I do? It's worse for girls, because you are expected to talk during the process. When I was in my early teens the lady I went to invited her friend to come in when I was there, and they talked the whole time. But now I feel like there is performance pressure to be interesting when your getting your haircut, and if I bore the hair-lady she will do poorly on my hair purposefully. So anyway my ends are dead and I need a haircut.:rolleyes:


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Yeah, even though i havent always been agoraphobia ive always hated getting my hair cut and sitting there chatting to someone i didnt want to chat too.
I cant remember the last time i went, must of been when i was like 13/14 lol i cut my ends off myself and if i want a fringe i do that too haha :D


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I used to give myself clipper cuts (#1 all over). It is easy enough to do yourself, and can look quite ok on many men. After a couple of years, I decided to grow my hair again. I found a local salon doing cheap cuts that has asian hair dressers in there, and they usually stay pretty quiet unless you start talking to them.
I've thought about cutting it myself, I'm scared because it is in layers. But I can give it a try, I wear my hair up everyday anyway.
Will keep an eye out for Asian hairdressers. For some reason Asian people calm me down. When I was little my best friend was Vietnamese, so maybe that's why.idk:rolleyes: