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You want to know how I got these scars?
A dear friend of mine and I were having a bit of banter through gif's the other day, we had a good laugh and a bit of fun with it. It got me to thinking about a thread with gifs.
So the idea is this thread's story can go anywhere. You can comment to make your intent/meaning clearer, but you must reply with a gif of some sort. Just have fun. I'll kick it off.

So.. what you up to?
Great idea for a Thread Pug. (y)

Although I have just tried looking for relevant gifs (spent too long searching :rolleyes:) for what I am doing today, and trying to upload 6 or 7 of them unsuccessfully (they were all "are too large to upload") so imma just going to leave this small enough one here.... :oops:



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Why is life so difficult?
Why do some have an easy ride (from the family they were born into - giving them a head start) and some have to live like they are climbing Mt Everest every. damn. day. of. their. lives?

"Life is not fair".......
but why is it fairer for some, and not others?.............and why is that OK for most people!?

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OK, enough of the depressing gifs! Sorry for bringing the thread down with my multiple depressing gifs further up....:oops:

(I was making this post while you posted your last one above mine, Pug. I did not see yours until I posted mine. If you want to post sad gifs you go for it, I thought I killed the thread with my depressing ones I posted yesterday)

Time for cheering-people-up-with-gifs.


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Dogs cheer everyone up.
I want to get a pet dog sooooo bad. :love:
I could really do with a tension-relieving shoulder message right now....


Or a slow, soothing head message....


Or an invigorating hip message...

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Or a fun as fudge Merry-Go-Round ride. wheeeeeee.....

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Nah......I think I will just sit down and read my fascinating, thought provoking library book instead....