G[r]asp - a poem about social anxiety


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So, I thought I'd write a poem about my personal experiences with social anxiety.

Here goes:

Waves of people
waltz along the sidewalk.
To many, think nothing of it

To me, think:
too many and I want
none of it.
Think intimidation
think discrimination,
think violation,
think celebration of assimilation-
all formed into a fiery fist
fancying to flood over
me in a fit of fury or find me flailing
in false pretense.

Chest tenses, shoulders stiff
searching still to still my heart
hoping to hold the hurried crowd
as real, revelating in rebellion to my self-hating
that all are just undulating
in a waving welcome in various
shades of human condition

shifting positions
indecision to introduce myself
to the crowd, crouching in the corner
of cerebral cellar, a
cobwebbed coward dweller
selling myself short of sought after mission
to follow my vision of being vulnerable
a human being helping their fellow kind

but my mind, my mind
but my , my , my . . .

Being social-
a choke hold given a breath of life
Being antisocial-
distrust darning a hold on living my life

I wish I wrote that.

I really have to write it down somewhere. You should pursue poetry, yanno. You're very talented! Wouldn't mind seeing more poetry like this :~))