Finally I've asked for help


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So after many years of struggle and at the age of 35 and with no direction as to how I can try and reverse this regular doom and gloom that envelops me, I thought I'm going to seek help from a counsellor who can understand my religious, ethnic and cultural background and may be help me for the better.

I'm paying for it so I've gone private but I think it's an investment in my mental health that I've got to do as what else is there to do?

First session was positive - he seems friendly and will keep you updated on it all.


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Great for you! For me, it seems counselling doesn't help me. They just want to hear what they think, not what I'm saying. Or they expect you to do all the talking, that seems to be how it goes. I like advice on the way. it offers insight into what you could do or how things can change. I'm going to work on exercising from now on and always eating ok and trying to help out around the house and being with family. That's enough for me for now.


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That's great! Glad hear that your first counselling session was positive for you. My mother recently started going to counselling to help her deal with her anxiety, and found her initial session positive as well.

I know, it can be quite daunting to open up initially, after years of struggling with anxiety, especially social anxiety. Or that was my experience, at least, when I went to counselling.

Anyway, best of luck to you. :)(y)


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I am glad to hear that you are seeking help through counselling. I have recently thought of trying it again myslef. I went when I was very little. I dont remember much from it. I would love to hear an update.


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Just an update which unfortunately isn't positive but shortly after my post, I had to postpone my counselling as my wife became seriously ill.

My counsellor was supportive as I dealt with the immediate aftermath of it all. I was in touch recently to discuss a restart but I'm so overwhelmed at the moment I feel the sessions won't help me.

The sessions itself had a religious base (which I was fine with), with breathing techniques and discussing my life. Some sessions went off in a different way as I talked about something happening in the day and breaking it down.

Ultimately, he is a kind person but I kinda need a person to meet in person perhaps. I had these wild fantasy that the counsellor could become a friend I could rely on but that's what I need. A person to massage my fears down by either answering questions, provide a support in situations that give me anxiety but that's not going to happen

I might start it up again but I'm so overwhelmed that I don't think anything can help 😕
well done on taking action in doing something about it. I'm a little older then you and have just decided to do the same thing after having realised something needs to change, i cant keep living like this, i need to see a psychiatrist and instigate that change. I have just been accepting of my lifes' circumstance but, feel myself wanting more out of life now.