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I had all the symptoms of histadelia so i'm trying methionine + calcium , 500 mg of each two times/day and i know i started it too late .
i'm kinda doubtful about this and life is going too hard these days due to the treatment , i'm not sure about almost everything at all .
i feel nauseous , nervous , i have abnormal stress and fears , can't eat at all , can't sleep and in these summer days which it's too hot , i sweat a lot .
if anyone else is still trying to get treated like me or even tried , please let me know the feed back , i really appreciate it , i feel alone cause i could only find one guy saying he got treated in the whole internet and it is long enough to make him back to his life and getting disappeared ( i'm talking about " blush " in this forum ) .
i know that there's a thread about it which started by " blush " but it's already omitted and no one is writing no more .
i appreciate if anyone gives me any info .


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Hey Kasra,

I had to Google both histadelia and methionine - never heard of either before.

I know that too much calcium can be bad if you don't balance it with magnesium or maybe some other vitamins/minerals too. Are you taking anything else?
Just taking magnesium supplements may not be good for the stomach though, increase with nutrition is better..

What kind of nutrition do you have? Have you also made any nutrition changes?

Are you doing this with the help of a nutritionist or doctor? Have you had any tests done for mineral/vitamin deficiencies or maybe gluten intolerance/celiac etc?

This site says too much m. appears to be bad (?) Too Much Methionine Appears to be Bad For Mammals but I'm not sure how accurate it is?? (It does sound a bit confusing, so maybe more research or asking someone who might be an expert but not just trying to sell the supplement might be good)

Some people don't believe h. to be a 'real' illness or condition, apparently it's not 'mainstream medicine' yet, and just a hypothesis... so be careful with it.. Histadelia? Fantasy Internet Illness? - ADD Forums and Orthomolecular psychiatry - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This stuff is interesting to read about, I don't know what to tell you though.. Either research it more and/or find good impartial experts
i feel nauseous , nervous , i have abnormal stress and fears , can't eat at all , can't sleep and in these summer days which it's too hot , i sweat a lot .
Are these your initial symptoms or side effects of the 'treatment'?
What were initial symptoms and what are side effects?
If side effects are worse than initial symptoms, maybe stop it and try something else?

Personally, I think blushing is often cute and 'sympatico', and unless it's a big problem business-wise, or with regard to other problems, I probably wouldn't risk iffy side effects just to combat blushing.
If you have had other more serious problems too, check out other info on nutrition and see if you might need different nutritional and/or lifestyle changes maybe..
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thank you for your consideration , it really means to me .
since i was a child i really had no appetite to foods specially foods containing proteins , i've been skinny my whole life but once upon a time a friend of mine , suggest me some pills and told me that it worked on some guy and helped him gain weight insanely and instantly , and me , my stupidity made me say yes without a research !
it was about 4 years ago , those days which i was getting noticed about my flushing/blushing issues seriously for the first time .
after i took those pills , i gained weight ,for the first time in my life , i was enjoying eating foods , i woke up motivated in the morning just to eat , life was too good to believe ...
when i stop taking them i started to lose weight and i lost my appetite again .
them days were the same days i noticed about blushing/flushing , i think those pills were containing insulin to make me eat like crazy .
anyway at the same time , another friend of mine took me into a very social business ( just imagine > i could eat , i had a sweet girl friend , i was having a job , studying at one the best universities in my country , damn i missed them all ! i lost them all ) , we had gatherings , face to face presentations , i was doing my best just to make it in the best way , i even ignored my body when it was telling me you shouldn't do it cause you're gonna blush ! it was the first time in my life i was getting noticed like that by my body !
i used to present the business to any kind of people , i did it for a while and everytime i was going to start it , it was like i'm going through hell , i could feel the flames when i was getting approach to the entering door , but at the end i was cool , really cool .
one time i was really stressed before doing the job ( i knew if i go , i got screwed up ) oh damn , everytime i remember it i really want to suicide , i went in and i sat , i couldn't breath , people were staring at me , oh my god , i really wished to die , then i finally started speaking ...
i did the job but when i went out of the door , people came to me just to make sure everything happened in the best way , people looked at me like they saw a monster , i was flushed as hell , i was almost burnt that much that one person shouted and said " were u tanning in the room ? "
just as a history , i was one of those persons which my self confidence made people shocked , one of those me against the world people i used to be , you know , it's too hard for me to live like this , i changed my whole life styles , people don't expect to see me like this .
i'm not sure what is the main cause of my problem but , when i comprehensively look into my life , i conclude that i had the problem under my skin at the whole time of my life but it was not bothering me because i was not trying to make any changes , my body made the orders and i always obey them , since i started eat too much , specially those foods containing proteins >>> histidine >>> high histamine .
i remember that those times ( more than 4 years ago which i got into the problems ) i ate foods just to drink water , drinking water was the best joy of my life .
i match the all symptoms of being histadelic so i give it a shot .
just to add , cyproheptadine which is an anti histamine , really helps me eat and sleep and feel a little bit better about everything , eating is like a torture to me , i don't care if i don't eat , i'm really worried about my weight to not lose it .
there is one thing good in having l-methionine at least which is , it helps burn fat , it really does , and i'm losing the fat which i gained resulting of taking those appetite stimulant pills .
i'm 59 kg , 182 cm .
kind regards :)