Fear of world war - Nuclear

I suffer from OCD for the past 10 year. It was manageable with the help of medicines.
Last month I happened to read a news that USA and Russia may got to war on Ukraine. Instantly I got panicked because of the thought of Nuclear world war between NATO and Russia. This is creating havoc in my mind with severe chills thoughts of my family and me dying. I have got a job in London and I have decided not to move to europe as in case of war Russia will drop nuclear missile across europe. Because of this my old OCD symptoms have flared up and
I am devastated. I am so much scared as I know nuclear war can be real.
Can someone help and guide me.


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I kinda had the same fears (as did many other people) in the 80s. The threat today though seems much less severe, my heart did leap at the Ukraine crisis but neither side seems to want any kind of escalation so far.
Go and play the Fallout games, and favour Caesar's Legion, they are the righteous ones!

I don't think Russia is the threat though, they're quite sane compared to some nuclear countries.
Limit yourself from main-stream media, violent computer games and read some books by Seneca, Paolo Coelho or Eckhart Tolle.
Nuclear war is a legitimate fear, because it is absolutely terrifying and the majority of people have absolutely no control over whether it will happen or not. I don't think the Ukraine situation will escalate in such a manner-- Putin is just a politician, not a madman. He's too smart to want to do something that crazy, Obama is no hawk and NATO isn't going to authorize a nuclear exchange. It's like when people were afraid of North Korea under Kim Jong Il, even though they were essentially just advertising themselves as a wild card in order to get enough aid to prevent themselves from imploding.

I would be far more worried about an ISIS-type terrorism situation where nuclear attacks happen on a smaller scale. It's far more likely that a single city in the first world will be leveled by a nuclear attack than the full-scale global nuclear conflict that was looming when Ronald Reagan was in charge. And the scary thing about that is that you never know where or when or how that would occur.

I would also worry about maybe 10 or 20 years from now when climate change causes mass-starvations and desperation sinks in, fascism escalates in Europe and climate refugees end up joining renegade armies because their farms have turned to dust. Terrorist organizations have already benefitted from climate change-- they can pay a decent wage for farmers who can no longer work.

All I can say is that you can't control it if it is going to happen, but it might help you if you actually know what you're going to do if something like that does occur. Alternatively, you could start living for the moment and plan on your life being cut short.

I'm sort of torn between thinking I might be able to hide from it and counting on suicide when it happens... I guess just because I'm not so good at living it up or seizing the day.
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The main stream media is all about Fear-Mongering. Once you know this, you won't be fooled by it anymore.

Every so often I fall prey when I am at a weak place mentally, then I come to my senses and see it for what it really is.

Stay away from it and treat it like The National Enquirer which is BS and meant to be entertainment.


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Us old timers lived through the cold war. Now that was scary s***. It was always about some button in Russia that someone would press and that would be it. And the neighbor had a bomb shelter in his backyard that he dug by hand so that made it even more scary as a kid.


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Oh and I agree with the others here, stay away from the news. I think that most of these situations are never as dire as the news makes them seem. Ratings, my friend, they are thirsty for ratings.