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I have a hard time saying anyone is hot or attractive... I have a hard time saying a lot of things. Recently I have been using facebook a bit more than I usually do when school is in.

I find that it's a practice on being social. I'm awkwardly saying things I normally would, telling jokes, and things like that. I have rubbed some the wrong way with my lack of social ease but...others are kind. :)

Does anyone else experience something similar or different to this? Like being able to speak up more?


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I only have facebook because I have a friend who I dont want to lose contact with if I go to my home country I dont really use those sites,haha its kind of funny I even found a couple of people I thought/hoped I wouldnt ever see again.


There's nothing worse than posting a message to somebody and it staying there without any reply even though you can see they've been online since. Which makes me reluctant to message in the first place.
Yeah I never understood that. How difficult is it to take 2 minutes to reply to a wall post?

Anyways to the OP, yeah I can be more social online, but I dont feel it helps me learn to be more social. If anything I find it more frustrating than real life. Mostly because online I have to wait for people to reply, if at all, and some people can take weeks to get back with you.


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Well, I'm a part of different interest groups on there and it has allowed me to meet and speak to different people... Some I don't like, some I'm awkward with, and some I really get along with.


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i try not to take Facebook too seriously

maybe it's because i lived 45 years without it

but for me, it's just to have fun - strictly on my own terms