Eye contact mental illness


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Last year my anxiety was so bad, I used to over compensate by trying too hard to maintain eye contact, and I used to bug people by glaring into their eyes.


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I know you said this doesn't work, but if I ever struggle with that, I look basically at their forehead between their eyebrows.
I never really had too much trouble with eye contact, so maybe this is why it works for me.

I only really have to do this when, for example someone has a lazy eye (Distracts me), or sometimes I get paranoid and I feel like I am giving them TOO MUCH contact, I start shifting from eye to eye not sure where to look so then I just look somewhere else.

People can't tell if you are looking at their eyebrows/forehead. I CAN tell when people look at my head (hair) and my chest, don't look down please.