Every thing is falling apart


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Well I am currently a college student, have a girlfriend, and work at a senior home. I'm failing all of my college courses, my girlfriend doesn't know what to do with me anymore, and I am falling behind at the senior home. On top of that I have no money and have to pay for the car and groceries. I can't even pay for tutoring and it's a big reason why I am failing.

I find it hard to socialize with anyone anymore. The people closest to me are becoming distant. I can't focus on anything and my teacher tells me I have to study every night, except I can't. I try and try but I can never focus because all I hear in my mind is voices screaming at me and telling me I'm stupid.

I feel like giving up, I'm so tired of school and I'm tired of my mental illness's. I already know if I go to the doctor they would either give me more pills or send me to the hospital. I don't know what to do anymore.


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The college I attended offered free counseling services to students. I had a session about once a week for a few months and I thought they were very helpful. They didn't prescribe medicine (they weren't doctors, just counselors) and all we did was talk through things and sometimes draw out charts or pictures. It really helped. It felt good just knowing that somebody was on my side, understood me, and didn't judge me. And it put things in perspective. Sometimes you feel like you're all alone, like you're the only one who goes through things or you're the only one who gets bothered by certain situations, but you're not. It also helps to see the other students coming and going from the counselor's office and know you are not the only one with problems and you're not the only one who feels like you can't handle your problems alone.

All that to say, I highly recommend checking to see if your college offers counseling services, and if it does, take advantage of it.


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I have a life coach who helps me with my autism and teaches me life skills. I tried counseling for years but it never worked because I don't think they actually understood me so tomorrow I'm making an appointment with my doctor and seeing if I can start seeing a psychologist


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Sounds like you need a break.

Is there any chance of halting your studies for a while til you get back on your feet? It may be drastic, but it just sounds like you need breathing space to sort things out.
Maybe see if you can see a psychologist like you said.

I think it's also worth while to go talk to one of the student councillors or even your teachers- and explain to them your not coping atm and see if they can help you.

Im sorry your going through a rough time at the moment. I know you help alot of people on here. Wish you all the best.