I don't even know if there is an escape. There are plenty of escapes from responsibilities, our natural instincts, etc.... but not from the human technological world.

I think the last time I felt I had truly escaped was when I hiked for 12 days in the Himalayas.


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Latelly, I'm needing to scape a lot. I do it with music. Isn't music marvellous? It can take you so far and explore many landscapes. I also scape from sadness through humor.
I need to see the humor sense of life. People in my country are very good at doing this. They can make a joke of anything. That's why I always felt a stranger, a stranger in my own country.
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Unhealthy escapism: I'm a pathologic daydreamer (it doesn't bring me anything)

Healthy escapism: Listening to music, playing music, painting, and sports (it makes me feel better)

I find that the more I make my life interesting, the less I need to escape from it. But I make my life interesting by playing music, doing sports, travelling, learning things. Which are things that could be considered as escapism. Now I'm confused.
Those are good things if you can do them AND make progress with your life at the same time. Workaholics have no time for themselves, whereas people who escape too much have no time to fix/work on their lives. It's all about balance and being present.


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Creating Fantasy stories, making up fantasy worlds, and fictional characters

Reading Fantasy novels.

fantasy, sci-fi and adventure movies

video games


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Going to the gym, watching movies, listening to soundtracks, general internet stuff, taking a walk, redecorating my room, working on my book, drinking wine, baking, daydreaming, reading...yep