Embarrassing situations.


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I don't care about Christmas but any way, I wish you all be happier from now.

This is one of my favourite tópics. I like to smile, even of the Avoidance, so I wanted to encourage you to tell a sticking, uncomfortable, embarrassing situation you lived but that you can see now with a bit of humor.
Any embarrassing situation may be a bother, a disturb situation for a normal person but when we add to the equation a person who has social anxiety or avoidant personality disorder, it can be the most similar to be in hell.
My proposal is to laugh at them.

This summer, when I was with my doggies, a Polish guy approached to me. He needed a place to stay at night.
He didn't know a word in Spanish and very little of English. So I decided to take him to a public shelter.
As I didn't know the place where I was on hollidays, I had to ask people.
I'm very bad at space orientation.
So, I missed several times, then, one of my doggies who is a bit fat, pulled out the lace bc he didn't want to walk moré.
My God, the poor guy had to cope with me missing over and over again and my little fatty fairy ball.

Now, it's your turn.:)
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I remember back in high school there was this one girl who I had a tremendous crush on. I liked her so much that I would totally freeze when she was around me. She wasn't mean or anything. In fact she was quite a sweet person. I just couldn't muster up any words or actions when I was around her. So one time we are taking this CPR class together and everybody had to pair up. Everybody but she and I did and it was obvious we needed to. The particular exercise required that I reach around her from behind and squeeze her stomach as if she had something lodged in her throat. I...just...couldn't make myself ask her to be my partner even though we were the only two left. The teacher finally caught on to my extreme shyness, chuckled and had to volunteer himself to be her partner while I stood there feeling like a total stooge. Real smooth on my part. Yessir, reeeaaal smooth.


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Poor guy! This girl seemed as your perfect match.

This is the funniest story I can tell about myself.

One of my friend is a fan of any kind of hard music and one day she wanted me to go with her to a trash metal concert in a pub.
I like heavy and rock but trash music is too much for me, so I don't know much about it but I didn't want to let her alone.
We went to the concert. Suddenly, the group sang a song that had to be known by the public because they began to sing.
As a good avoidant, I didn't feel like to be out of place, so I pretended i knew the song and being singing. I took it with such entusiasm.

Suddenly, I saw the singer coming to me. I thought. What the hell is he doing?
The singer arrived to me a put the microphone in my mouth.
I didn't have a way out. I only wanted to hide myself.
I move my mouth without pronounce a single word, pretending I was singqing and asking God the singer stopped and went away.


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Come on, guys, laughing is needed.

That moment when you finally get a date with the guy you like and you are with him offering the drinks. You drop the coffee with your coat.

Then, you realize the guy is not what you deserve and you regret that you didn't throw the coffee on his face. Lol!