Eat Right For Your Type

I have suffered with SP and fatigue for 8 years now. I read about the B-6 cure and started taking B-Complex, Cal/Mag, and Zinc. These supplements have helped me feel better but I am not claiming an absolute cure. Then I heard about a book called "Eat Right For Your Type" by Dr. Peter J. D'Admao. My blood type is A+. I made a list of all the foods that are beneficial, neutral, and foods to avoid so I can quickly find what I am looking for. I would say I feel 70% better. I have also lost almost 15 lbs the last month by eating the foods I am suppose to.

I avoid soda, juice,(because it contains lots of sugar) dairy, (Im all soy products now), junk food, anything with caffiene in it. I have a juicer so if I want juice I make my own. And of course I avoid processed sugar. Now there are healthy fats that are beneficial to me like cooking with olive oil and flax seed oil. And I can use turbinado sugar in recipes if I want to.

I truly enjoy the foods I get to eat. I don't consider this a diet but a way of eating for life.

I wanted to share this information because I am very pleased with my results even though I'm not 100% cured. But at least I am feeling better!

One thing I have noticed is that I don't experience adrenaline rushes like I had before. My anxiety is definately less. Like I said I feel 70% better. It's been about a month now so maybe with time I'll keep getting better.

When I think about it all these years I always skipped meals or starved myself because I wanted to stay thin or lose weight. So I was really depriving my body of nutrients. So now I feel as if I am building myself and healing.

I believe that eating the proper nutrition and taking supplements really do aid in how you feel overall. But negative thinking really does affect the mind. There's no vitamin for negative thinking.

Well I still need to build my self confidence. I know that'll help. And even if Im not 100% cured Im at least happy I'm not feeling the way I had before.

Well I hope this brings some interest or help to someone. Your thoughts or comments are welcome! :)


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Someday - I have the book - actually lent it to a friend. I'm type O which, as I recall, makes me 'The Hunter' requiring red meat. You might want to try, where there are testimonials and such.

I didn't really stick with diet long enough to notice a difference, but I'm convinced a balanced diet will make anyone feel better, whether suffering ailments or not. When one has anxiety and/or depression, it's easy to neglect one's diet. I noticed some of the items require some fancy shopping, and I'm a minimalist when it comes to cooking. I do try to eat well, and avoid hamburgers and fries as best I can.

Food supplements I take include a multivitamin, vit. B, vit. C, vit. E, 3-6-9 essential fatty acids, zinc, aspirin, garlic, and cal-mag. Would be interested in hearing from others on diet or supplements. I can't say I've noticed a big difference with the supplements, but I view them as insurance, and maybe there's even a little placebo effect :wink:



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I'm going to start this diet (after Christmas of course :wink: ). has anyone else tried it and if so what did you think?


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Thanks i might check this book out. I have been eating like a guy with a death wish lately, especially now that its near Christmas. You have crazy! relatives demanding that i eat their cake or sweets. I just have to take control and say... no! thanks but no thanks.
Then you get the follow up questions about what the hell is wrong with you. "You must be the only young person who doesn't eat cake or chocolate" Anyways i need to start eating right because when you think about the human body it reacts well to the right foods. Its only logical. Its like eating meat. Recently i have stopped eating sausages, steak, beef, lamb ,because i don't particularly see how it could be any good for the digestive system. I enjoy the taste but apart from the iron red meat can't be good for the body.
Fish is probably the only meat i still eat now.