Co-worker bullying me


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I have been working seasonal at my location for two years. I have a co worker who is constantly bullying me. She is in maintenance and I'm a cashier at the rec hall. Her sister is the other person whose a cashier at the rec hall. The bully also has a 1 year old daughter who her sister sometimes watches, so I can't avoid running into her.

Everytime she is near me she criticizes everything I do and she always talks with a bitchy tone. I'm friends with her sister and another co worker and when I'm around her while they are around she tries to get them to leave me and acts like I don't exist, then when she is with them she acts like I don't exist. She also spreads rumors and has blamed me for things I clearly didn't do.

I didn't ever do anything to her. I never talked behind her back or been rude to her. Believe me though I'm going on my last straw with her ive dealt with bullying 13 years of my life I'm not dealing with anymore.
You could tell her sister about this, maybe she'd talk some sense into her.

Since you don't really depend on her (she's not your superior thankfully), just ignore her, you don't really need her...

However when it comes to rumour spreading,that's a complete other story, I would say : give her a taste of her own medicine, because this is an attempt to your reputation.
Bullies are cowards. They pick on those they perceive to be weak who they think won't fight back. I know from being bullied myself. Once you fight back, even a little bit, they turn into the weaklings that they truly are. Next time she says something disrespectful to you, glare at her (bare your teeth if you want) and calmly tell her to, "Shut up." If she responds, "What?", which she probably will, tell her a little more forcefully to, "STFU (the words, not the letters)."

Practice in front of a mirror if you have to. Your feelings are more important than hers.