Close friend/partner in psychosis - dont know how to help


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So rugs my love/hate friend/partner or more like 'familiar' has gone into psychosis at the moment and is still at home with his mum and his sister (who recently was in psychosis herself but was in a hospital). Rugs rang me up after i sent him a card and hadnt heard from him respectfully as when i did he was odd and in a weird way. It was unlike him.

When i heard him today i swear he was like a frightened little boy. His breathing was so labored and he sounded absolutely terrified. It made my heart drop to hear someone like him talk like that. Terrifying.

He couldnt really explain to me what he was seeing or feeling but he did say that he had broken all of his basketball trophies and that he just wanted to die. And that made me scared for his life.

I later attempted to drop off some hydrate drink and gum and knocked on his door but there was no answer - i was pretty quiet. He lives in the garage of his mothers place. So i went home and rang to tell her i dropped some things off.

I never really speak with her because im a bit scared or shy of her. Shes got 2 adult kids in thier 30s living with her and both have schizophrenia. Her husband past a few years ago and shes had grief ever since.

I am just very worried right now of rugs health and that i think he needs to be in a hospital and sedated and watched and that kind of thing just in case. His mum needs to treat this with seriousness. Both kids have been detained at a mental hospital before rugs once and his sister twice.

So she knows the drill but i dont know why she doesnt interviene and im not sure if i should myself. I dont know what to do because i feel so anxious i cant relax knowing he is going through this terrible thing and worry for his own safety you never know. What should i do?

I am seeing my therapist tomorrow via phone because of this as she can help me i hope.

Just tonight, i know that what rugs is going thru is on my mind every minute and my anxiety and fears you know.