changing from lexapro to wellbutrin


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hi there

ok so ive been taking Lexapro for eighteen months now and the results have been terrific , im on the lowest dose ( 5 mg ) but im so relaxed compared to how I was , I was prescribed it in the first place for stress rather than depression

trouble is ive recently started a relationship and Lexapro is effecting me when it comes to maintaining an erection , I know nothing about it but ive read that wellbutrin will not cause ED problems , sounds great but I ask myself

is wellbutrin a substitute for Lexapro ?


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my dr. told me that wellbutrin is good in conjunction with something else..not by itself. have you tried fluvoxamine?
lexapro didn't agree with me at all. just goes to show, what works for one person may or may not work for others. So try not to rely on other opinions too much. If your Doc recommends it, give it a shot :)


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whoa who recommended welbutrin to you for anxiety?i took welbutrin for motivation and depression and it helped somewhat in those areas but it made my anxiety much also caused sexual problems for didnt help that area at all!

im confused OP, lexapro relaxed you so it worked well for your stress but you want something else, why?so it doesnt make as tired?


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You could try it cautiously.

I took it for this very reason, and it was a lot better in that regard. It also gave me a lot of energy and focus at work. I actually lost a bit of weight on it.

It was a mild stimulant for me. My anxiety is usually very easily triggered and it seems to work fairly well. Might be worth a try.
I take wellbutrin for depression and adhd and it works wonderfully. I don't get any side effects (that I feel, anyway). I've never heard of it being used to treat anxiety, ....

either way
hope you find something that works :)