Bullied by everyone

im 14 , and yes i am still bullied by everyone , im that guy who don't know to talk to anyone , everytime i say something i always think "why did i say that? , what will he/she think about waht i said? , was it a bad idea to say this?"

and just beacuse im respectful to people , everyone think im a wierdo...
then one day , i came to school with a shirt that i wrote on it : "In silence i find my peace"

then everyone just started mocking me for saying something "emotional" (cuz they think my life is dope,which is totally the opposite)

even my sister just cant stand it anymore (she tried to kill herself one day)


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really i think you and your sister should go to another school as some schools just have more of the bad people and talk to a counselor that you feel bullied and how it's really seriously affecting your life take care.:)

btw, 'in silence i find my peace' is a good line. At times you just need to know 'be still and know that I am God. I will take care of it'. respectful is a good trait, no one should think you're weird for that, if they do, and the 'right' people will like you.


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I hope you'll not start questioning yourself. You might be scared, awkward, clumsy or whatever, but thats not a reason to be bullied. You're being friendly and respectfull so you're doing nothing wrong. Sometimes everyone else is wrong.
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Moving away sounds like it'd be for the best. And getting some counseling for your sister. It's really excessive, but desperate times calls for desperate measures.

However, you should talk to an authority figure about this, even if you need to go to the police or something first. Visit your principal and talk with them about this.

But, never, ever, let people shame you into not being the kind of person you are. If you liked that shirt you wore, keep wearing it and ignore anyone that tries to stop you or insult you out of wearing it. There's nothing wrong with who you are or your interests (from what I can tell about you).