Are you shy in your dreams?


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I had a dream last night I was in school in a classroom. Even though I have been out of school for years. I was sitting at a desk messing with a laptop. Anyway, at one point I found myself talking to the person behind me. At one point I was talking to the person in front of me. At one point I was talking to someone to the side of me. At at one point I was even talking to the teacher.

When I woke up I realized that I wasn't the least bit shy in that dream. And I wondered if I was shy in other dreams. But I couldn't think of any. Maybe when we're awake our thoughts inhibit us and make us feel shy, and when we're dreaming we're free of those inhibiting thoughts.

What do you think? Are you shy in your dreams?


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Some dreams I am, and in some Im not, some of them im cocky and confident and in some Im worse than I am in rl.


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Maybe when we're awake our thoughts inhibit us and make us feel shy, and when we're dreaming we're free of those inhibiting thoughts.

I think this makes sense. When I dream (and I am in the dream) I am not always shy, but I am always myself. By that I just mean in a dream I never behave in a way I could never see myself actually behaving in. Things in real life, including inhibitions, make the dream me different than the "real" me. Which isn't bad. Inhibitions stop us from doing really dumb things. It's just when they're on overdrive it becomes an issue.


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I am usually not shy but I definitely have anxiety dreams big time.
I love to dream for the most part though bc currently not doing so well with the agoraphobia so I get to do a lot of things while sleeping I don't get to do while awake.
Usually to an extent but not as much as normal. Extremely anxious in them, moreso than in waking life, but it's more general anxiety when I'm asleep and social anxiety when I'm awake.


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My dreams are too bizarre for me to realize if I'm shy or not. Just last night I dreamt I went to Panama with my family on vacation, but there was a civil war going on and the sky was black from all the explosions and everything was on fire. Suddenly a chopper started following us and it had one of those fire cannons that you see in movies, and so after firing once, we pretended we were dead and stopped the car, and found a way to escape to another country (seemed like Greece) where everything was peaceful and sunny. Also, at the end of the dream, it was revealed that all of my family were Simpsons characters.

I mean, what.


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My dreams are crazy too. I've read several books on how to interpret your dreams, and still I'm only able to interpret about 2% of them. The rest I can't make any sense of.

Your dream sounds like you've recently experienced a conflict, fight, or argument - symbolized by the war and chaos. And you tried to avoid it - symbolized by playing dead. You managed to escape it and the mood lifted - symbolized by the peace and sun. But your see your family as a bit silly or comical - symbolized by them being Simpson characters.
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