Are you always at the doctors ?


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I sure seem to be these days - may aswell live there.
If it's not one thing its another im just wondering wether half of it's linked to anxiety.
I went to the doctors with a lump in my throat convinced there was a bit of pasta stuck but apprently its called Globus ? An anxiety feeling of a lump constantly in the throat.
Need to book an appointment tomo for yet another complaint lol


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Yeah I am - but that's for sinus problems at the moment. But I used to always be at the doctors due to various complaints that would get shrugged off. I am a little bit of a hypochondriac and you may be one as well if you constantly think you are ill/fear getting ill.
Also it could be linked to anxiety. Anxiety often causes lots of symptoms that mirror the symptoms of other illnesses. For example my problems with anxiety gave me heart palpitations, dizziness, sweats, weight loss and tremors. A doctor was running tests for cancer and thyroid tests at one point until I told them I was having problems with anxiety.
As you can see here anxiety can cause a LARGE range of physical symptoms:
Anxiety Symptoms

but obviously if something is worrying you greatly it's always best to go and see a doctor.


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I found that through high school I had a lot of "sick" days simply because I could not stand being there, and it made me get headaches a lot.

And at jobs I have had, I would go to the doctor a fair bit to get 'sick notes' that excused me from work. I would get a lot of colds, flu bugs, headaches and the like. But I do think that the general stress in my life had a definite role in it. If I was a happier, more active person, I probably would not get sick as often.

Now, I usually try and avoid going to the doctors.
no because I dislike and don't trust doctors!
I would rather put up with an illness for as long as possible and will only visit a doctor if it is really serious.

I am eternally grateful that I don't have anxiety to do with worry about things that may be wrong with me medically.


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I've been having this lump in the throat thing for quite a while now and trouble swallowing. I had some minor problems with sleeping again where I was afraid to fall asleep so I'd keep waking myself up. Now my sleep schedule is really messed up and I sleep at like 6AM and get up around 3 or 4 PM. I've had sinus problems for quite a while now even before the lump in the throat feeling. Now I've had a stiff neck on one side for about a month as well. I feel like it's all because of stress and anxiety. I've been to the doctor's three times about the sinus problem and it goes away for a while and I'll have minor symptoms until I get really sick again. I was seeing a chiropractor a couple months ago and may go back again tomorrow. He said there was a lot of tension up in my upper back and neck and it could be the cause of the sinus problems.

As for the lump in the throat issue, I'll panic when I have trouble swallowing randomly (or if I think about swallowing before I swallow and freak myself out about choking). Then I'll gag on the food and panic. Once I start feeling the lump there I'll try to swallow or move the muscles in my throat in a swallowing motion and have a hard time doing it and freak out even more, which leads to me repeatedly swallowing for a while and having a hard time doing it. Hopefully it's all just anxiety related.


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Are you sure you don't have hashimoto's thyroid disease/hypothryroidism and perhaps the trouble swallowing is in fact a goiter (an enlarged, inflamed thyroid, perhaps very minorly?) I would consider getting this checked out. Hypothyroidism is related to depression and i've heard it can even be mistaken for bipolar in some cases. In other words it can have a mental effect

(I'm not a doctor and am not sure how common this is but I hear hypothyroidism/hashimotos is pretty darn common.)

* Fatigue

* Depression

* Modest weight gain

* Cold intolerance

* Excessive sleepiness

* Dry, coarse hair

* Constipation

* Dry skin

* Muscle cramps

* Increased cholesterol levels

* Decreased concentration

* Vague aches and pains

* Swelling of the legs
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no because I dislike and don't trust doctors!

Same with me. Though I fear it may be to do with my SA. One day back in Jan I was in severe pain for about five hours. I honestly thought I was dying! But I still didn't go anywhere.
I'm the kind of person that will get run over and attempt to drag my broken legs back home screaming "I'm fine! I don't need a doctor!"