anyone from india or pakistan?


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Currently living in Pakistan.
I am too insecure and worried about how people would judge me if I ever told them which country I was from. So I end up lying most of the time =/

You should definitely not be afraid of that.People who do these things are real jerks.I mean seriously,how can you judge a person by a country?that's really stupid.All of us are unique individuals.If everyone was same we'd have nothing to complain about,this forum wouldn't even exist then cause other ppl could understand us so much better...


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I'm Indian, but was born and raised in Canada. I travel to India every 2 years to visit my mom. In fact I'm going there again in March.


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I'm Iranian and not ashamed of it,actually i think it's cool to have these weird social experiences that I wouldn't have if I lived elsewhere like running from guards with thousands of other people and a million other things.


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I am from india . I have lived a life of complete misery due to my anxiety prob.
For me life should be renamed into "Dilemma".
Now im 30. And still have no idea how to adjust.


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Hi I m from india, i hate social phobia
It prevents me from doing a lot of social things that I'd like to do.
Does alcohol help social anxiety?


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Hi im from pakistan im desperately wanted to chat and meet new people here from india or pakistan or from anywhere in the world please reply me