Anybody else extremely shy?


I only get shy around really REALLY attractive people and very angry-looking people.

Other than that, I can appear to be a social butterfly at times. But after awhile I have to seclude myself from all social situations, cause it makes me feel really exhausted and burned out.


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I'm extremely shy around most of my family members. The ones I may not be shy around are the ones around my age that I use to spend time with when I was a little child.

Golden Beam

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Does it count if I used to be extremely shy? Although I don't feel the anxiety like I used to back in those days, I do remember what it was like. I'm still not the best talker, but I can do it without the fear & nervousness now.


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I am extremely shy I feel like the shyest person in the world even on this site. I am so incredibly awkward with people. I never initiate conversations. Im extremely quiet. I have always nothing to say. Im always alone. I dont have friends. I hate when people take pictures of me. I can't meet new people. I make people uncomfortable and they always want to get away from me. Im even too scared to post this. etc etc etc. Im sorry for this post. Im so pathetic. :kickingmyself: Anybody else?

Youve pretty much described me