Any good online counselors I can call?


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I can't wait much longer. 😣 Are there any professional online counselors I can speak to who have experience with emotional trauma/ptsd? Please???


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I am sorry you feel so badly. Do you have health insurance at all? I have some through the state currently that has mental health counseling. Otherwise there are free call/text lines for help depending on where you are. Where are you?


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Are you stuck at home no car no where to go? Can you go for a walk and clear your head? That almost always helps.
I think Molly's on the mark here. Staying at home is probably making the situation worse. When you're not doing anything, it's giving your mind time to stew over what's troubling it, which only makes you feel worse. A good walk out, with some good music that you like especially, can help take your mind off things and help take some of your burdens off. You don't really have to go far. But, really, as long as you're doing something, it should take your mind off your anxieties.

What's around you though, FriendlyShadow? I wonder if your insurance covers mental services or if there's a place close by that you could walk or drive to. Or did you want to stick to online services?