Anger Issues Or Regular Guy?

I'm not sure if I have anger management problems or if I'm just the average person. My Brother frequently taunts me, more than just 'brotherly love', and I respond to it with violence every now and again.

Based on that sentence I would say I have anger issues. But, my whole life he has taunted me by calling me a f*ggot (I'm bi, that word comes solely from a place of hate) and he assualts me frequently. He'll slap me in the face or on the back, hard, or punch me in the leg, and my Mother just watches. She only reacts when I fight back. "Holy ****, learn to control yourself, dude!" she says, directed at me.

I can't tell if I have anger issues for this, or if I'm just a regular person who responds to relentless taunts and abuse in a way that every person would.

My Father, who isn't around for me, you'll probably hear more posts from me on him, said once to him when I was only a wee lad, that if he keeps taunting me he was gonna get what was coming to him. My Father isn't exactly suits and taxes, he's more ghetto, you could say.

I'm not sure if I should listen to my Father, who can be violent at times, or my Mother who says I need to control myself.

It's not like I resort to violence immediately, there was a point in my life, around when I was fifteen, that when he bullied me I would leave the room, leave the house, leave the town if I needed to, but he would always FOLLOW ME until he got a reaction. He would follow me out of the town.

I believe that I'm just the average guy, but despite saying this whole thing above to my Mother and my Brother, she still claims I have anger issues, and so does he but I think that's because he is a [insert curse word here]

What do you think? Do I have a victim complex like everyone on Tumblr, or am I just the average Joe?

Im a very nervous person by nature.When someone starts things i always respond with anger.I dont think its anger issues its just that some people handle things calm others with anger.Its totally normal to react with anger if someone provokes you.Dont listen to anyone that says you have anger issues.You are perfectly fine and you are not alone as well.


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WTF he followed you out of town? i think you brother has a problem and not you, with that attitude (your brother's) even a dead person would have raised to respond with violence lol

I think you're trying your best to control yourself, but you're in a cage, cannot talk with your father, your mother does nothing and your brother won't stop till he gets a reaction.

You're absolutely normal, cannot say the same about your brother. Hope everything gets better!


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You are in an abusive situation, and your mom is 100% in the wrong. Telling a victim to not stand up for themselves, and belittle you for doing so makes her equal to your brother. If I was in your situation, I'd be angry myself. Don't feel guilty about it....although here is some advice.

If you aren't careful, your anger will control your future. Remember, this isn't your sites on domestic violence focusing on siblings, (for instance, Sibling Abuse Help Guide - Free Yourself from Domestic Abuse |

Get some intervention, and some counseling for yourself.