Allow me to introduce myself...


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I_Lucas said:
The only things in life that give me any form of joy are escapism (reading books, watching films or TV shows, and playing video games) and writing fiction. That's about it really.
same here! except i dont write but i draw
Hey welcome to SPW man. My name is Lucas too, haha, but nobody really calls me that... I also enjoy escaping from life's twisted scope of reality. I used to draw and write a lot actually and I was pretty good at both... Then I started playing guitar at 15, but I've had 5 years of that and I'm not really furthering myself much musically anymore haha (I can't be creative in front of other people with my guitar...must be part of this anxiety shit...pisses me off sometimes...) so I think I'm going to start drawing and writing more again. I used to be alright at sculpting too back in high school too. Haha one time I made this like 8" tall toilet out of some clayish stuff and it won awards and shit at an art show my teacher sent it too haha.
I've just never actively pursued writing or art as a hobby at home really, since I was like 15 at least... I'm 20 now... I made a lot of pencil drawings at home, but i did much writing beyond school and online lol. I've always done very well in writing classes and such though, so I dunno where I got that from...
Anyways, yeah I'm gonna defintely start on kickstarting my creativity by sketching some crazy designs and transferring them to my walls in my bedroom. Haha can you tell I have no life? I think our gifts are what we should follow though, so here goes nothing... I was even planning on starting a t-shirt company or learning how to make guitars for a living so yeah now that I think of it I finally feel good about the road I'm on. I don't need to be rich or anything, just happy doing what I'm doing. Getting joy out of your job, I think, is very important in our human existence...That's probably why I've changed my mind dozens of times on what I want to do with my life haha....
I'm rambling so I'll zip it up now...



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toothpastekisses said:
Welcome! Cool I'm really into art too, it helps me escape a lot. I got into a good art college recently, dunno if I'll go though. I can't express myself properly when in a class environment anyway due to crippling anxiety
Let ur work/art speak for u :)
Toothpaste, I totally know what you're talking about man. It sucks so hard, but there aint shit to do about it. Even what we're passionate about cannot be expressed in public without these thoughts running rampant through our minds I used to hate people in art class who would just sit and watch me draw. Or getting watched eating, writing, haha the list goes on, but the point is that we suck at life and there has to be a way out but so many of us are stuck here in agony...almost like waiting to die...its fucking sad...