All grocery stores think that I'm a thief


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I'm so anxious and suspicious that they think I've come to steal. At my local store there is one employee woman who gives my so horrible death stare each time, I have a fantasy of going to their management and complaining. In wintertime I usually buy groceries in morning when there is less people and leave them in my car for the day, but now in summertime I have no choice but to go in evenings. I never go to the big malls because the security guys always start following me and discussing my behavior through their radios, I lose 99% of my intellect from stress.
Have fun with it - because you're not stealing! Lead the security on a figure eight path throughout the store, I bet you can! :LOL:
If you manage to do this reward yourself with something nice. ;)


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Really try to fake that smile. Practice it in the mirror. You'll get it down in no time. Strain the fakeness when it's painful and itll become easier to smile through the pain.
Or... you could grab a full size watermelon, open up one side of your jacket and try to put it inside. Make sure you're being watched as you do this. Zip up your jacket so it's really obvious you have the watermelon in it. Like, it'll look like you're pregnant.
Then, walk away in a really sly way.. then go around the store once or twice.. and put it back.



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I don't think smiling will help in my situation, they will just think I'm trying to trick them lol
Possibly, but maybe not.

If we walk through this logically, they shouldn't suspect you of thievery.

A) You are a long-term customer that has paid for merchandise every time you've walked in the store. Why would you randomly steal something now?
B) Wearing a scowl doesn't necessarily mean they think you're going to steal something. They might just think you're mean or have other motives besides stealing.

So really, if you smile, and you keep that pattern up, they might just think you were at a rough patch in your life and now you're over it! And that you're actually a kind person. If you smile, like, twice, and go back to scowling, yeah, they will think something is up.

But if you are consistent with your smiling, they will realize that you are just a normal person. It doesn't even have to be a smile. Just a slight upturn of the lips and raising of the eyebrows is fine.

You could also restart at a NEW grocery store.
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The small tight smile and head nod that you do when passing a stranger or someone you only slightly know
I believe this is what you are referring to?
I'm guilty of doing this... so damn cringey lol.

Guess it's better than not even acknowledging a person though.

What I originally was referring to is not that type of smile, but more of a constant facial expression that other people will read as a content or neutral expression, instead of reading it as an upset or angry one.


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I never put my hands in my pockets in shops but apparently that is not enough for them, guess I should walk around with my arms raised?


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I'm afraid to go back into stores with things I bought from them, especially clothes. It's never happened to me but I have this nightmarish scenario of being accused of stealing the item and, since I no longer have a receipt, being unable to prove otherwise. I've read stories of this happening to people.