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  • Yeah you mentioned before that you got promoted, that's awesome :) My job is going well, finishing up training tomorrow and then I'm going to be assigned my permanent store location.
    i couldn't handle not watching tv for that long lol i watch it All the time (or at least a ton of the time). i'm glad there's online stuff too though
    glad to hear you also love adventure time :D who's your fav character? mine's Finn
    lol i got fUrious at Benson. i yElled at him. if he had eaten my burger that only comes along once in 100 years, i would have explOded on him in a violent rage. and i'd make sure he went and bought me another, even though their truck fell into a hole and exploded or something.
    rigby is # 1 for me, mordecai at #2. benson might be #3, although i still hate him for eating their hamburgers...>:K
    thanks :) you're the first one who's noticed or said anything about it lol
    who's your fav character? mine's rigby, of course :p
    You have virtually no visitor messages! We must change this.

    yes. my parents were most unkind in this respect, and probably hungry when naming me!
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