A photo of Some breasts!....


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8O Yeah I.. erm.. had to see what this thread was about.. :oops:
You still believe I'm not lesbian, Bexi, you do right..?? RIGHT??!!

I'm off on honeymoon in 31 hours with my new husband that I might not've mentioned, so you better..
Like boundless, my hopes have also been crushed (yes im a pervert, but hey i dont get out much), but youve also sent me on the munchies and i have no food in... :cry:


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OMG!! Pookah!! You did it!! :)

Notice the clever use of color? I bet with clever use of color and style (and notice the posture!) there wouldn't be much difference between the Pookah and the models!! :D

Okay, and maybe wonderbra. This woman does look slightly in pain though, don't recommend corsets! :D
I just came in here because of curiousity and bordom. I'm not bi perse (MAYBE bi-curious, but that doesn't really matter because I'm not gonna look for anyone else after my boyfriend when he's gone)

Even if they were human breats, I wouldn't have cared to see them since they're technically not sexual organs and even if they were, if you just showed them as a form of art, I think that should be allowed. You would never censor Michelangelo's statue of David's penis would you?


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uhm.. F-C, there are some specific rules about what can be on the webhost's servers, the forum is PG-13 rated or something like that... So, hmm.. It's good to read the guidelines..

I thought Pookah was gonna post chicken too!! :D