1000 rejections Journal


I'm in a bad spot and I need advice. A few weeks ago, I finally managed to gather up the courage to ask the boy I like to prom. He said yes. Today he told me (in the nicest way possible) that he couldn't attend because he thought prom was in two weeks, not two days, and asked if we could still be friends. (He had bought a ticket yesterday, I'm not sure if it had the date on it as the school did not exactly make the date very clear.) I am not sure if he knows I like him or if he does, if he is uncomfortable with this. What should I do? My school has less than 100 kids and I do not want to show my face in school. I won;t know how to talk to him after this. Was this a rejection??


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This is the thread that brought me to SPW in the beginning for me. It was one of the first links to show up in the Google search a long time ago. Thanks, Shield!