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  • inever tried meds.dont rely on them to much though.let them make you feel better and then do some other therapy.u seem like you have the will
    that's really really really good.call a doctor for help.i may start searching for one 2 cause yeahhh its not funny at all.where r u from?its hard to change environments.i moved here in greece alone 2 years ago hoping for a new start and wishing that i didn meet anyone i knew so that i can forget my past...but its hard without ppl.i used to say f*** it i dont want anyone....its nothing like that.being social is all build up in our little heads.so we have to make the best effort right?
    depression strikes back harder than ever happened...i tried things to get better in the last few months and felt good but i saw no progress...its not so much phobia anymore.i can go out.but it scares me that i've lost interest in life!i have exams and already skipped 2 of the tests and i can study for the other ones.i really dont care actually about studying.i wanna get better first...what's your main problem?
    hello to you to!i am simply doing nothing:)i am having the worse days of my life!the good thing is i can laugh about it.how r u?
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